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Reviewing books for us is fun! We like sharing good books with other people and letting them know what we thought. We don't want reading to feel like work, therefore, our reviews are simple and sweet. They are also one hundred percent honest.

YA is the main genre that we enjoy reading, but we are also fond of historical novels, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy and paranormal. Occasionally other types will spark our interest.

We will be happy to accept review copies from authors and publishers. We'll also happily host contests, interview authors, and participate in blog tours. We will do giveaways from time to time!

We are honest with our reviews.  We state how we feel, but will always, ALWAYS, say something that we loved.  No matter what, there is always something to love.

At the moment we do not accept self-published books. There just isn't enough time. However, we do accept PDFs and e-books.

Normally we will get the synopsis from Goodreads.com, but if there is another source you would like for us to use, please include it in the email.

We will usually post a review within two or three weeks of reading the book. If the book has not been released, we may wait until closer to the release date.

We do not receive, nor do we accept, any money or compensation for our reviews.

If you are interested in having us review a book, please contact us at blake(dot)ibelieveinbooks(at)gmail(dot)com & deidra(dot)ibelieveinbooks(at)gmail(dot)com.

Contest Policy

These are the set regulations for any contest and/or giveaway held here on this blog. Any additional rules will be stated on the individual contest.
All contest participants must be at least 13 years of age or older.
We are not responsible for items that are lost in the mail.
We hold the right to disqualify any entry as I see fit.
Contest winners will be notified by email and announced on the blog.
Mailing addresses are required, but that information remains solely with us and will not be given out to anyone else. Items will be mailed at the end of a contest.