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About Us

For me, blogging is all about sharing my thoughts on books and other things that get me excited.  I adore sharing my feelings on the stories that I get wrapped up in.  In my life, I happen to be a "lister" and my reviews reflect that.  I tend to share my thoughts in a type of list I've developed over the years.  Sharing with other people who love books keeps me from going crazy, and finding a book for that person who has never like reading before is the most incredible feeling in the world.
  1. I believe in combining chocolate and peanut butter as much as possible.    
  2. I believe in always surrounding myself with music even the times it's guilty pleasure kind of stuff like 90's boy bands.  
  3. I believe that baking can solve world problems.  
  4. I believe that almost every moment in life can probably be related to some episode of Friends.  
  5. I believe in watching old movies, especially if it has Audrey Hepburn.  
  6. I believe coffee is necessary for my survival.
  7. I believe  shooting zombies can take away loads of stress.
  8. I believe life is too short to not spend it doing things you love.
  9. I believe in the therapeutic power of coloring, inside and outside the lines.
  10. I believe one can never have too many books, CD's, pictures, or colors of nail polish.  
  11. I believe hope is one of the most powerful things in the world.
  12. I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
I started blogging to share my passion for reading. I loved being involved in a community that would get ridiculously excited about the words on a page. I didn't feel so crazy when I befriended book bloggers. Although, there were a few that brought out the crazy in me.

1. I believe in being silly and having the ability to to laugh at yourself.
2. I believe in dragons, faeries, mermaids, and all of the other unknowns in the world.
3. I believe you should enjoy the simple things in life.
4. I believe coffee and chocolate can cure almost any illness. 
5. I believe in friendship, love, and cute puppies. 
6. I believe in rooting for the underdog in a book. Bad boys (in books) just really get my brain juices flowing. They need love to!
7. I believe Parks and Recreation is a good TV show to live your life by. Ron Swanson can offer many words of wisdom. (If you get the reference, you and I are instant BFFs.)
8. I believe in taking lots of pictures. Moments are fleeting, but the good ones should always be remembered.
9. I believe playing video games is a good stress reliever. 
10. I believe in doing the things that make you the happiest.
11. I believe in the color purple.
12. I believe in eating your dessert first.