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Friday, August 23, 2013

Deidra Reviews Star Cursed

Author: Jessica Spotswood
Release Date: 18 June 2013
Publisher: Putman Juvenile
Pages: 384
Series: The Cahill Witch Chronicles #2
Source: NetGalley

Summary:  With the Brotherhood persecuting witches like never before, a divided Sisterhood desperately needs Cate to come into her Prophesied powers. And after Cate's friend Sachi is arrested for using magic, a war-thirsty Sister offers to help her find answers—if Cate is willing to endanger everyone she loves.

Cate doesn't want to be a weapon, and she doesn't want to involve her friends and Finn in the Sisterhood's schemes. But when Maura and Tess join the Sisterhood, Maura makes it clear that she'll do whatever it takes to lead the witches to victory. Even if it means sacrifices. Even if it means overthrowing Cate. Even if it means all-out war.

In the highly anticipated sequel to Born Wicked, the Cahill Witch Chronicles continue Cate, Maura and Tess's quest to find love, protect family, and explore their magic against all odds in an alternate history of New England.

My Favorite Lines:
“I cannot imagine a life without books.Without Father's stories of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, without pirate stories and fairy tales and poems. Without the hope of another way, of freedom and adventure beyond what we have here and now. How dark life would be.” 
Why I Loved It: I don't believe I ever reviewed Born Wicked.  I think it just read it from the library in the midst of a bunch of review books, so I don't think I got around to it.  But I loved the story.  I loved the atmosphere and setting of the story.  It's so Puritan *not actual Puritans though* but to a even bigger extreme.  There's just something about that type of reading backdrop that really gets me.

Ok so Cate is a fabulously strong main character.  She's so loyal and stubborn when it really matters.  There is a lot riding on her magic, but when circumstances begin to bring Tess into it, the stress only doubles.  It would be a relief for her to just carry it on her shoulders if Tess was spared.  Ms. Spotswood decided not to allow that for Cate, *or me, the reader, that was weeping on her bed* but the plot was just SO GOOD!

I got all the feels throughout the story.  I yelled a lot at the Brotherhood for being so misogynous.  The level they took their drive to stamp out women's voices took ignorance to a whole new level.  There was a scene in the story involving books that I really cried over.  It was a serious boo-hoo session.

Cate's sister Maura.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Can someone give me permission to just shoot her in the head so Cate doesn't have to??  I mean how obnoxiously prideful and ignorant can you be??  Cate goes to great lengths to repair the damage to their relationship, but Maura is way too caught up in herself to be much help for that.

Throughout the story, Cate really grows as a character.  There is so much development, and I was really excited to see the risks she begins to make to change the Sisterhood's position for the better in a way that helps, not harms.  Her relationship with Finn?  Swoon.  Yep, he's a wonderful fella to have in a life.  Which brings me back to Maura.  OOOOOOOOoooooo!  I can't believe her.  Ms. Spotswood broke my heart into pieces with that ending.  *My lips are sealed though.*

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