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Monday, July 22, 2013

A New's Update


Any of our readers that check in will notice that pretty much all of the posts lately have been courtesy of Blake.  I'm so thankful that we decided to combine blogs.  Let me just say that I have been out of town for almost six weeks.  That was a bit planned, but what wasn't planned was my grandmother's health going downhill.  Needless to say, all free time has been spent hanging out with my Mema during the times I was home.  

This blog was always just supposed to be fun for me and never quite a job.  Sadly, it's been put on the back burner with my grandmother's downhill health.  I'm going to be posting a bit more since I'm in town with more time to read.  

In other news that I'm pretty excited about, I did get a job for next year.  I will be teaching sixth grade science starting in August.  I'm not sure to what extent that's going to be affecting my posting, but I'm hoping to hold onto my reading time.  It's such a big part of who I am.  

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