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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Book Blogger Problem #1: Review Books vs. Reading for Pleasure

First off, I really love that graphic above.  It's adorable, right?  Totally worth the time.  Ok on to my thoughts that desperately need to be expressed.

Ok so as a reviewer on a blog devoted to books, I have to say that there are some perks.  I mean I get to read a lot of books in advance.  I'm not running a book blog so that I can get free books.  Trust me people, as much as I love a good free book, the time put into the blog is totally not worth just a free book.  The free books are a nice perk though.  On the days when I'm all overwhelmed by how much I need to do.  And read.  And review.  And then try to make my blog interesting.  Basically I am like:

Am I the only blogger that ever feels like that?  I suppose it's possible.  Anyways this last week I decided that though there are some books I need to read for review, my last trip to the library ended with 8 books in my bag.  EIGHT BOOKS!  That's a lot.  But they were all books I really wanted to read.  So I made the decision to take a break from reading for review and just do some pure reading pleasure time.  My question is am I the only one that feels like the pressure is overwhelming?  I mean really there are just SO MANY BOOKS!

So once again, Sheldon's going to sum up my feelings.

I'm just going to read.  I want to just enjoy being a reader for a week.  There will still be some reviews next week.  Even reading for pleasure, when the book is so good, I have to share.  But I am going to step away from the review books.  

Ever felt this way?


  1. Always! I feel like there are so many books that I WANT to read, and that it would be impossible for me to read every single one of them, so I came up with a system. I read a book that I received for review, and then I read a book that *I* want to read (for whatever reason I want to read it). It makes me happy. :)

    1. Oooohh, this is a cool system. I might need to try this but the looming "deadlines" of publication dates always makes me read the review books first. Can there be more time in a day? Haha!

  2. I feel this every single day. I haven't read a book I actually bought in so long. I miss reading just for me, for fun. I mean, I love promoting books that I love but I'm no writer so writing reviews seriously takes its toll on me. But I think these great books deserve the review (and even the not-so-great ones) so I'm constantly getting pressured to write all those reviews. I still enjoy reading those books for review. The actual reviewing is what kills my brain cells. Haha! (Doesn't help too that English is not my first language.)

  3. oh you are NOT alone, TRUST ME. I feel this EVERY DAY. Every time I walk by my unread books that have summed up to over 150, I cringe. I think that I need to lay off on requesting so many books and focus more on my own books but then BAM, 3 books show up on my doorstep. I never learn. Which is why now I keep a calendar with the books I need to read and if I reach the limit of review books I set for myself then I can't request anymore books. Like Dianne said, the actual reviewing is also SO time consuming. Usually when I read my own books, I don't tend to review them especially if they are more than a year or two old, but for review books, I have to. Sigh, I guess bottom line is that we need to control our requesting :)

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  4. I'm SO with you in this. The amount of books I read are actually far from the books I reviewed. Some might be because I didn't like/enjoy the book that much (I promised myself that I won't write a review of books I don't like and write nasty things about them) but the rest of it... Well sometimes I just want to move on onto the next books. Since I'm still new in this book-blogging world, I still tend to wait until I really-really want to write a review :p #amateur #lazyworm

  5. I've been trying to find a balance lately. I'm cutting back on the books I'm requesting or tours I'm signing up for and trying to get to some of the books I've had on my shelf for ages. It can definitely be overwhelming. I have SO many books I want to read and no idea when I'll get to them all. I'll figure out a system soon, I hope!


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