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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother

Today is Mother’s Day.  It seems that the more of these I’ve celebrated, the more I’ve really truly appreciated what it is to celebrate my mother.  Coming out of my teens, I don’t know that I really appreciated who she was in my life.  As I grow and meet more and more people on a regular basis, I have come to recognize how amazing it was that I had that constant in high school.  No matter the day or the tragedy or mess I made, I had no doubt that she loved me and my imperfections, too.  I know that who I am now is because she pushed and pulled and let things rest and just loved me in the times I needed it most.  She taught me to stand for my convictions and seek after God with everything I am and never let go. 

All throughout my life and even now, my mom has always been the one to constantly remind me that she is proud of me.  She never has let me forget that she’s in my corner.  When I’ve failed, she’s cried with me.  When I’ve succeeded, she was there cheering me on (sometimes with some tears), and there are really no words to express how much that has meant to me.  As I’ve slowly come into adulthood, knowing that I have someone who is proud of me makes my life a lot easier. 

The thing I have really come to appreciate is how, as I’ve gotten older, my mom has become just as much as a friend as a mother.  She wasn’t like that when I was younger and my Lord knows I didn’t need that then.  Now though, we have adjusted nicely to this new phase in my life.  She is an amazing woman, and her hugs are the best in the world.  There is nothing quite like her in the world.  And in my darkest moments, I know that my comfort is in her arms and held fast in her love.   God knew what he was doing when He put us together.  I can’t imagine a life without her, and I hope that I don’t have to face such a reality for a very long time.  

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