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Monday, April 15, 2013

Top Ten Books I Loved But Didn't Review

Top Ten Tuesday: REWIND! 
This meme is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.  Go check them out.

This week was a week where you could revist an old topic or choose one you had missed.  I chose the top ten books I loved but didn't review.  A few of them are more recent reads, some a tad older.  Still I really enjoyed this one.  As always, the links go to the books on Goodreads if you want to check them out.

I read it, adored it, but didn't really feel the need to review it on the blog.  I guess it was before the whole I can share any book philosophy kicked in!

2.  The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde 
This was a book that I had to read for college.  It was awesomely funny with a huge twist on the whole Jane Eyre story.  I guess maybe I felt others might not get why I loved it so much.  Still if you love Bronte and British lit, it's a book to look into!

3.  Crank by Ellen Hopkins
I have reviewed about three books of hers on here, but I think the book just drained me so much emotionally.  I didn't think I could relive it so soon, so I bypassed reviewing it.

4.  Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
This is a series I started recently.  I have the second one on my nook wanting to be read.  I did love the first one, but I am so behind on the series that I decided not to take the time to review.  I have read plenty new books lately.

5.  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
I read this one right after I started blogging.  I adored it, have recommended it countless times, but I guess I got busy and then never reviewed it.  I did review Lola on here though.  

6.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 
Ok so technically, I first read this one way before blogging.  But I have reread it a few times as a blogger, but how do you really right a review for that book that will do it justice??

7.  19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult
This book I read during my student teaching semester.  I loved it SO much, but time got away from me and the review just never came into being.  

8.  Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
I read this one via audiobook.  I actually never finished the audiobook though.  I believe I finished it at work one day on my break.  I grabbed the book and holed up to finish it.  I am not sure why a review never happened.  It was good.  

9.  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
This is another book I read recently via audiobook.  I am currently reading the second one via audiobook too.  Anyways, I didn't review this one because I finished reading the book as the previews for the movie was starting.  I was so distraught over the differences in the movie that I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to write a review without some serious ranting about the movie.  I decided to forgo a review.  

10.  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald   
This one I have read a few times over the years.  With the new movie coming, I decided to reread it a while ago, but once again how can I review this and give it justice?  I don't think I am near good enough.  


  1. It's so hard to review books you really want to gush over because they're so good! Fantastic list.

  2. Some books are really hard to review, especially the ones you're crazy about!

  3. The Eyre Affair is one I've been meaning to check out for a while!

    I think books are the hardest to review when I can't quite put in to words how good they are or what effect they had on me. So instead of failing to do them justice I avoid reviewing them.

    Interesting list :D

    Lauren x

  4. Sometimes I just can't find words to review a fantastic book. That's been the case with many of Ellen Hopkins' books for me...

    Check out my Top Ten!

  5. Great post! I agree that it can be so hard to write reviews for books you love. Anna and the French Kiss and Perks of are good examples. I'm about to start my student teaching and can't imagine reading 19 Minutes while doing it!

  6. I'm reading 'Discovery of Witches' now and I'm finding it such a long read to get through. Any time I try to write reviews for books I love I always just fan girl over it haha.

  7. Love Percy, Anna, and Discovery of Witches! Still need to read Perks and I just won the first three Beautiful Creatures books. This is a really good idea for a TTT because sometimes reviews just slip through and don't happen. I've got a massive backlog at the moment and am wondering which ones will get skipped (Anna's in there so I'm not sure what'll happen there!)


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