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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Outsiders (Novella)

Author: Bailey Vaughn
Source: Provided by the author for honest review
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Summary"Outsiders" is a young adult story about a small town that invites a group of foreigners, to the town, to teach them about their way of life in America. However, the newcomers aren’t all they appear. The main character, Hannah, falls in love with one of the "outsiders", and finds herself in compromising circumstances due to this forbidden love. Once the horrible intentions of the outsiders are revealed, Hannah must find the courage and strength to save her town. 

When the author sent me the summary of the story with her request for me to read it, I thought it was actually really interesting.  Agreeing to review like this isn't something I normally do.  The story was also short *like 65 pages* so that made it easier to agree to.  Anyways, I sat down to read it in one sitting, and the story was actually a decent and interesting read.

The town is actually kind of isolated in it's thinking.  I had a hard time really getting a grip on the time period because of this, but it wasn't that big of a concern for me.  Hannah, the main character, sets up the town pretty well for you to visualize it.  The idea is that some strangers come in, associated with the church, and basically have these false pretenses.  Their true reason for being there is actually incredibly creepy, and the solution is still a bit sad.

All in all, I have never quite read a story like this one.  The writing was decent, though there were a few parts that could be fixed up.  Editors tend to do that kind of work though, so I think the plot and storyline have huge potential.  Considering it was only 65 pages, there were a lot of places that kind of seemed rushed.  I know that sounds like bad things, but in all honesty, if the author were to expand on a few things and makes this novella into a novel, I would seriously buy it.  I think just expansion would fix a few minor spots and really make this into a great novel.  Hannah's relationship with the outsider in the beginning when she is starting to fall in love with him for example.  I wanted more.  I wanted sweet moments.  I wanted to really understand how she had fallen for him.

Still the plot was intriguing, the ending satisfying, and the writing good.  I enjoyed reading the story, and I look forward to see what the author does with it in the future!


  1. This does look like a really interesting read. I love reading Indie books, they have a raw quality about them. Makes me feel like I'm getting just what came out of the authors head, instead of something that has been doctored up for the current market. (Of course, I agree that good editing goes a long way in making a book enjoyable and easy to read).

    I see you received the book from the authors - Is it available for purchase anywhere? I may have to pick it up.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland

  2. I'm not sure if it's available for purchase, but I know that the author contacted me on Goodreads. You could probably just send her a request on there, and she would probably send you a copy. That's my guess.


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