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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever
This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Go check them out. 

1.  Lydia from Pride and Prejudice
OMG.  Not only did she almost destroy all hopes of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, she was oblivious to the pain she caused.  She is one of my least favorite and most frustrating/annoying characters of all time.  

2.  Any character from a Nicolas Spark book
Sorry fans, I just can't.  I have tried multiple times, but the similarities and the fake people drive me nuts.  Every time I try, I think REAL PEOPLE DON'T DO THAT!  I will continue to try though.  

3.  Anastasia from Fifty Shades  
I never reviewed this series.  I couldn't.  This woman was nuts.  NUTS.  I wanted to yell ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP over and over.  I know it's a popular series, but you have to admit she was a little messed up in the head.  Right?

4.  Bella from Twilight
Ok.  Another example of ignoring the signs of an abusive relationship.  Besides she was obsessive and tried to hurt herself to hear him.  And she never could just let some things go.

5.  Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones
Ugh.  Just.  Ugh.  How do you live with yourself Sansa?  I can't help but wonder.  

6.  Every Pretty Little Liar character
Once again, sorry fans.  Sara Shepard is not a bad writer.  I just get frustrated with these people.  I like the show though.  Is that sad?

7.  Romeo and Juliet
Most depressing love story.  Ever.  No, I do not find it romantic.  I find it sad and pathetic.  Maybe I am just not a nice person, but my idea of romance is trying to find someone to spend your life with not to die for.  
8.  Scarlett from Gone With the Wind
I loved Gone With the Wind.  It is one of my favorite books of all time, but I have yet to read it without yelling at Scarlett at least once in the book.  

9.  Elizabeth Holland/Lena (Carolina) Broud from The Luxe
They both tried to be something they weren't.  I think Lena was more frustrating than Elizabeth though.  Lena became selfish and overwhelmed with her greed.  Every time she would make a decision, someone seemed to get hurt.  And that frustrated me deeply.  

10.  Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries is one of my favorite series.  I reread them often.  But Mia can make some incredibly frustrating decisions.  By the time she gets to where she needs to be, I am tense with anxiety about what she may screw up.  Even after I have read the books a zillion times.

Do you have a top ten?  *I am not normally this negative*


  1. It's not even the characters in Nicolas Sparks books that frustrate me, it's the books themselves. Sorry, but I am not a fan.

    Samantha @ Reading-AndCoffee

    1. Oh you never have to apologize to me for not liking Nicolas Sparks. ;)

  2. Awwww I love Nicholas Sparks. Haha, but I do totally agree about Anastasia and Bella. They were so annoying to read about! Great list :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

    1. Thanks! And I will not hold your love of Mr. Sparks against you. I am sure there are some books I love that others would be all O.o about. But I am very thankful you agree with Anastasia and Bella.

  3. Ana and Bella are totally running themes today, so funny! Great list!

  4. Sansa Stark needs to be bitten by a wolf. Ana from Fifty Shades is just idiotic. Bella... Let's not even get started on her.

    1. Bitten? No. She deserves a bit more violence. Man this topic makes me angry.

  5. Awesome list! Yes, Bella was irritating and frustrating. Ugh! Choose already!

    Any character from a Nicolas Spark book! lol! That's hilarious. You didn't like any of them?

    1. No sadly I didn't. I sincerely hate when I can't like characters. But I really couldn't.

  6. Love your list! I didn't think of Mia, but yup, sometimes I wanted to shake her because she just doesn't think.

    Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten!

  7. Love that Scarlett made so many people's lists. I totally forgot about her on my list. And Ashley Wilkes too!:)

  8. This was a negative topic! When I went through my list, I had to make sure I put a positive spin on it, because a lot of those books were great. I didn't want to sound mean! I never even thought of Lydia. You are totally right about her! Great list.

  9. Aw, I liked Elizabeth in The Luxe, but I agree that Lena was so annoying. She really got on my nerves with her thoughtless decisions...
    Anyway, great list and thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  10. I too have tried and failed to read Nicolas Sparks, just don't like his writing at all. Too sentimental.


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