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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Hunk Throwdown

The YA world is a-buzzing.  Hollywood has taken two beloved series and turned the first book into a movie for the big screen.  It's true.  I have no idea how the good readers of YA feel about this move, but I know that there are some pretty faces in these movies.  Let's take some time to admire, shall we?

The Panel:

1.  Alden Ehrenreich plays Ethan in Beautiful Creatures.  I am not sure about him yet.  Can he do it?  Is it the right pick?  I think he is pretty though.  When I look at him, I keep thinking he should be British.  But he isn't.  Which is disappointing.  I can't really blame him though.  It's not his fault.  

2.  Aidan Turner plays Luke in Mortal Instruments.  I told you this man would pop up again.  He had to.  So secretly, I think he may be one of the most gorgeous men on earth.  It's possible.  Anywho, I am so glad that this man decided to grace the movie with his presence.  Plus he looks like he can pull of the whole werewolf thing.  Right?   

3.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Valentine in Mortal Instruments.  I have never seen Mr. Meyers play the bad boy.  I am sure he is very capable though.  I wonder if he will use his accent in this movie.  I love his accent.  It's so... so... Mmmmm.

So that's the men for today.  Pretty, no?

Beautiful Creatures
Hits theaters February 14, 2013

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Hits theaters August 23, 2013 


  1. I fell like they are going with a different feel for Beautiful Creatures. I like this change. It feels like it's not ust a young adult book. It can stand on it's own so I think Alden will do a pretty good job. The witch! Isn't she.... the girl from The Help? I love her (:

    1. Yeah so far their casting choices have seemed pretty legit. But I guess I will have to watch the movie to see if it did the book justice. I severely hate those moments of nervous anticipation dealing with a book turned movie.


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