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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Hunk Throwdown

The world has become a much more beautiful place.  Well secretly I believe it will retain some sense of beauty as long as Peter Jackson is still alive.  You see Peter Jackson is one of my biggest heros.  He created the movies that would define a phase of my life.  Peter Jackson created the movie depictions of Lord of the Rings.  For me, it gave him an instant quota of mega-awesome points that would last until eternity ends.  BUT NO!!!  He went and did something else equally awesome.  He is recreating my precious Hobbit onto the big screen.  The world may not be as thrilled as I, but alas I am used to this.  They can't take away my happiness over this....

Anywho, I shall now introduce my panel for this lovely Thursday.  

1.  Here we have Lee Pace who plays Thranduil.  I found a picture to show what he looks like without the whole costume for the movie for you see he is too pretty to be covered up.  I mean look at that scruffy face with the wrinkles in between his brows.  Am I the only one that finds that incredibly attractive?

2.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  This gorgeous man is Aidan Turner, whom will most likely be popping back up on another Thursday because he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  I left him in his costume because for me it works VERY well for him.  Very, very well.  The best part of his character in the movie is how fun he was.  He was always getting into something.  And ladies, he has quite a skill at using the bow.  He can shoot me with his arrows anytime.  

3.  Elijah Wood.  Now I will be honest.  It was hard to find a decent picture of Elijah Wood without going with Frodo.  The thing was, I was in love with Frodo in high school.  But Frodo pictures just look so young that it gets creepy.  Even that picture seems really young.  Anyways, Mr. Wood is on here due to my affinity for Frodo Baggins.  

Did any of you love The Hobbit as much as I??

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