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Friday, April 6, 2012

Why NBC is Rocking My World

Ok this is the memoir of a former Idol addict.  I had reasons for quitting.  Really I did.  I didn't even mind the whole revamp of the judges.  Props to Randy for sticking around.  He was my "dog"you might say.  My biggest problem with the show was America.  Voters were idiots.  They kicked off some amazing people.  So I cut myself off, cold turkey.  And I've been without reality performance shows *other than America's Got Talent (love!!)* for awhile.  I kept hearing great things about the show.  So I finally decided to go with it.  And I'm so glad I did.

The best part about The Voice?  The judges make the decision solely on the voice.  That's so nice.  Voters still get the whole sob story *which I'm not a huge fan of*, but they get their original shot based on that voice that they're reppin'.    

The judges?  Amazing.  Ok so I know it's sad to point out... but who knew Blake Shelton was SO HOT???  Not me.  What?  You don't believe me?  Shame.  Look for yourself.  

I mean his voice too?  Mmmmh.  Goosebumps people.  But that's coming from a girl whose got a weakness for a country boy crooner.  

Of course, I have to say that I've always had a thing for rocker Adam Levine.  Maroon Five?  I love them.  Adam though?  I love watching him on the show.  He's got that sexy bad boy wink thing that I could possibly drool over.  And the eyebrow thing he does?  Yep.  Let's just look at him.

Cee Lo Green cracks me up.  And his teeth are so white.  He's just so mellow, but he knows how to give a compliment... and during blind auditions his response to pretty girls?  Bahahaha.  Only question I have?  What's up with him and the cat?

Finally.  Last but never least.  Ms. Christina.  My sister and I have seen Burlesque about a hundred times.  That's not an exaggeration.  She's just so incredible.  And beautiful.  And sweet.  
The idea is just amazing.  I'm so thrilled to begin to watch it.  Ok and so right after The Voice, you know what we get?  Smash.  It's amazing.  I saw an article about it in Entertainment Weekly and I thought, "THAT IS SO MY SHOW."  It's one of the only shows I make time for.  

Why are Julia and Tom so big?? Because I love them.  Well Julia and I are having a love/hate relationship.  But the last episode returned all the love.  I'm in love with all the musical theater/broadway show idea.  MUSIC!  I'm in love.  

Ok I wouldn't be me if I didn't do this.

  Meet Dev and Derek also known as Raza Jeffrey and Jack Davenport.  Both of them have the wonderful British accent.  Both of them are gorgeous in totally different ways.  They make the show accent-fabulous!

So my bloggin' peeps, that is why NBC is rocking my world.  

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