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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Hunk Throwdown

As I sat in class yesterday considering the possibilities for my throwdown, I looked to one of my dear education friends.  She, like me, has the ability and sometimes misfortune, of swooning over boys right and left.  We both have learned to take care of the drool...  Anyways, this week I was a little stumped for what my theme should be.  She looks at me.  Then she knew, and I knew she knew, and we both did a huge happy face.  Because this week *thanks to Emily*, my theme is Titanic.  After all, it is everywhere this week.  You might say the movie has broken into a whole new dimension.  *Bad pun.  I'm sorry*

So anyways, I'm going to do the throwdown a little differently.  This week, we focus on one man.  The man that started it all.  *Not really.*  Anyways, we are viewing Leonardo DiCaprio through the years.  And here are the pics, ladies and perhaps gentlemen.

Ok pic numero uno is from 1997.  Just as in the recent years actors such as Robert Pattinson and Josh Hutcherson have found themselves in roles that have throttled them into the hearts of teenage girls world-wide and becoming instant sex icons.  Leo did that.  Playing Jack in the blockbuster Titanic, I know I thought he was one of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen.  Of course at the time, I was only six.  Still instance heartthrob.  But with that hair?  It's hard to go wrong. 

Picture numero dos is from 2004.  In this year, the man played in The Aviator.  Ok, now lets compare one and two.  For one, the boy no longer looks like a boy.  I think we can call him a man.  But so serious.  Where's the joy?  Or was it gone along with Jack as Rose let's him sink to the bottom after promising to never let go.  Alas, I will never understand that.  I mean come on.  

Pic from quickmeme.com

Anyways, moving on.  There's no bitterness.  Really.  So Leo in The Aviator.  Still pretty, but a much more manly pretty.  

And in picture numero tres, we have a more recent Leonardo.  Yes it is a little over a year old.  But get over it.  He's still pretty but in that older-man-about-to-hit-forty-but-just-looking-more-dashing-every-day kinda way.  The only thing I miss truly about 90's Leo?  The hair.  He gels it back now, I guess since he's all mature and older, but that hair was just so pretty.  I mean just looking at the picture, I want to run my fingers through it.  Ah.  

So there you have it.  Leo through the years.  I think he may be single too.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this week's Thursday Hunk Throwdown.  

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