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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Hunk Throwdown

Most of my family is a huge Smallville fan.  Personally, with everything going on, I'm always so behind that I've given up ever catching up, *there's ten seasons for heaven's sake* but I will watch if I'm around.  My dad recently picked up the tenth season (the last one FINALLY), and it's been playing a great deal of the time since then.  I have to say though that my confusion as to what in the WORLD is going on does not keep me from admiring the scenery so to speak.  So without further adieu, I present this week's hunk panel:

Hunk #1: Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent a.k.a. (for those hiding in caves or something) Superman.  Now sadly for the rest of these guys, it's hard to compete with Superman.  I mean the man has some skills.  But Superman isn't the only one with something going for him.  Tom Welling is gorgeous.  Look at those eyes people.  They are like a smoky blue.. and those cheekbones.  I have never commented on someones cheekbones before in my life, but his make his face look so... O_O!  Don't even get me started on his lips... and is that smoke from the shirt?  I don't think so people.  That boy is literally smoking *wink wink*.  

Hunk #2: Justin Hartley who plays Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow.  I couldn't really find a picture that did him justice.  That pink background is horrible, but I wanted everyone to see his chin.  Yes I know that some people call that a butt chin, but I find it incredibly attractive.  There is something about it that make his face seem perfect.  Trust me that if you google Justin Hartley shirtless, you won't be disappointed.  I didn't really get into the show myself until he came along.

Hunk #3: Callum Blue who plays General Zod.  Let me just say, on the show, he's the bad boy.  Does that make him even more attractive?  You bet it does.  To top off the whole smoldering bad boy thing he does, he's also British.  That accent?  Those eyes?  Yes please.  He is not shown nearly enough on the show for my taste.        

So I guess this week's throw-down has nothing to do with books.  Oh well.  Surely no one is disappointed?  

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