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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Hunk Throwdown

I'd say so far, I've been sticking with hunks associated with shows/movies associated with books.  I'm going to continue that trend as long as possible.  So now I'm going to go Gossip Girl style.  I'm behind (of course), but slowly I'm catching up.  It's sad.  I know that.  Gossip Girl has always been a guilty pleasure for me.  No judgement!

Hunk #1 is Penn Badgley who plays Dan Humphrey on the show.  Ok so I'll admit I have watched the show because of him.  No he's not the hottest guy in Hollywood, but with a bit of stubble I find him really attractive.  His character is so appealing with his lonely boy writer persona.  I will say I am NOT a Dair fan.  At all.  

Hunk #2 is Chace Crawford or Nate Archibald.  He's come a long way on the show.  I kind of even respect him now.  Regardless of how I feel though, those EYES!  They are so blue and gorgeous and I'm pretty sure they would see into my very soul.  It's true.  

Hunk #3 is Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass.  So for anybody that is not much of a fan, you may not know this, but Ed is British.  I have watched interviews.  If he was able to talk like that on the show... mmmm.  Mr. Westwick also has a pretty good voice and is the lead singer of the band The Filthy Youth.  Accent... musician... gorgeous... And I'm very much a fan of Chuck and Blair.  Yep.  That's not changing. 

Hunk #4 is Hugo Becker and really not a staple character, but he does happen to play the prince and love interest in Blair's life, Louis Grimaldi.  Ok I have to admit, for a moment, he made me doubt my Chuck/Blair loyalties.  Maybe it was the accent this he does get to use on the show.  Maybe it's the fact that he was so ROMANTIC.  But of course the show won't let him stay amazing.  Upper East Side got to him like it gets to everybody.  

Any suggestions for next week's hunk panel?  Let me know!

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