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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuffed Pepper Goodness

Ok when I find a food that I really love, I feel like it is only right to share.  I know this incredible cook who can make your mouth water like nobody else I know.  She posted this recipe and I tried it.  It was amazing.  So here we go!  Time to pepper up!

Ingredients are EASY:
1 - 12 oz package of sliced bacon
1 1/2 - 8 oz packages of cream cheese
1 - 26 oz can whole pickled jalapenos

Ok before you begin make sure you let your cream cheese soften, and preheat the oven to 375-400 degrees.  

The peppers come whole in a can.  Around here there aren't many available so get the brand around.
Train the can of peppers.  For most of this next part, I do it in the sink.  It's less messy.  Rinse off the peppers.  Slice each of them in half, and take out all of the seeds.  It helps to do this under cool running water.  Lay the deseeded peppers on paper towels to try.  

Next, make sure your hands are clean because they are about to get messy.  
It's easiest if you just grab a clump of cream cheese and stuff it into the pepper.  It's delicious!

Ok the last stop is to cut all of the pieces of bacon in half.  Wrap each of the peppers with the strip of bacon.  There is no toothpick required because the bacon will stick on its own.  

Finally lay the peppers on a Pam sprayed wire rack that's been placed in a baking pan.

Cook for about 45 mins to an hour.  

Trust me they are INCREDIBLY TASTY!  

I got the recipe and pictures here.

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