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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games: The Movie Review

I have been waiting for this weekend for a year.  I found out last March that my beloved Hunger Games would be made into a movie, and I have been counting down ever since.  I'm not sure why, but I just knew that the movie would be handled with care.  Maybe it had something to do with Gary Ross directing..

Since I have read the books countless times *they are just as exciting every time* I was just a little worried about the movie sticking with the book.  There is so much happening in those 300+ pages, so how can you really fit it all within a decent time?  Yep, it must have been quite a pickle the writers faced.  Luckily Suzanne Collins cared so much about her book and the world she created that she was heavily involved in the whole movie process.  There has never been a movie that I have watched so many interviews or read so many articles.

So midnight release, there I am with my ticket *bought a month early* sitting in the seat begging my body to calm down.  Those lights went down, and I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest because it was THE HUNGER GAMES.

Honestly, I'm glad to say that I loved the movie.  Every fan must have been nervous, but you have to admit that they did a phenomenal job.  They kept the integrity of the story in tact.  They took a few liberties, but I really thought each of those really helped take the story from a book to a movie.  There are huge differences between reading a book and watching a movie to overcome there, and I can sincerely say that I approved of each one of the deviations.  I went into the movie with a checklist of things they had better include in the movie *and do them incredibly well* and I came out with a completely checked-off list.  (This was all in my mind though.  I'm not that crazy person that goes into the movie with a notepad.)

I had my questions about the cast, but I threw them out the window as the movie continued.  There is not really one person that I would have replaced.  I thought Jennifer Lawrence did an incredible job.  I had read that she had actually read the books before the idea of the movie was even in place.  It's nice to have an actress who truly loves the sacred series.  It probably helped her make Katniss come alive.  The scene with Rue was incredible.  I cried; it was just so emotionally intense.

My sister is pretty much in love with Peeta.  She went to the midnight release with some of her friends at a different theater.  As soon as the credits started rolling, my phone started buzzing with my sister "yelling" about how amazing the movie was.  We then went to go see it again this afternoon.  When we got back from the movie, I heard her in her room repeating Ms. Brooke Hutcherson over and over.

As a fan of the book series, you owe yourself to go see the movie.  They really did a great job.  It was one of the best film adaptions I've seen in a long time.

Warning: Read the book first.  I had a lot of people who hadn't read the book tell me that movie was a little confusing and not as interesting as they thought it would be.  There is just so much back story that you can't fit into a movie.  The Hunger Games is full of back story.  Just take the time to read them.  I've yet to lend the book to someone without them loving the series, and devouring all three books in the matter of days.  I was trying to reread the book before the movie, but both of my copies were with someone else.  I'm rereading it now though.


  1. I went to the movie 'unprepared': haven't read the books. I thought everything was explained very well :) There wasn't a moment I felt confusion. The movie went smooth and I loved the actors! They did a wonderful job in my opinion. I loved the movie so much, I finally decided to go on and read the books. I'm halfway the first one and I'm completely hooked. Watching the movie was the final push for me to go on and read the books.

  2. I went with my family, most of whom had never read the book, so it was fun to see things from their perspective. My big, manly brother was LIVID when Rue died, which cracked me up. He and my father had never read the book, nor had they heard me and my other sister discuss the story before, so I was glad when they said that they caught a lot of the subtexts that I wasn't sure would be obvious.

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